Blue crystal teardrop earrings by SparkleSand


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A cute pair of earrings with gradient blue colors. This pair ends with bright blue teardrops! The bright blue sparkle is great for any occasion! This pair of earrings is made with Swarovski element crystals so they are sure to glitter!

❥ Materials used:
Solid sterling silver wires/hooks
4mm AB Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal bicone beads
4mm AB Light Azore Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal bicone beads
4mm Aquamarine Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal bicone beads
13mm Light Turquoise Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal pencil drop beads

❥❥❥This product has been made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. Sparklesand has no affiliation with the Swarovski brand name, trademark and swan logo.

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